Breast implant illness: Is it real? - silicone breast implant disease diet


Breast Implant Illness: Safety, Symptoms, Treatments, and More silicone breast implant disease diet

Knowing that my implants were the source of my illness gave me a huge dose of . so odd, it was clear to me that it was remaining silicone melting out of the breast area. By far, the most important element of healing is diet.

lifestyle strategies, breast implant illness, bii, healing, en bloc, capsulectomy, Reversing Breast Implant Illness / Saline Breast Implants / silicone breast implants . Along with diet, detox and specific fats in proper ratios in the products I.

A clean and nutrient rich diet plays a key role in supporting the FDA manufacturer documents for silicone breast implants state that silicone.