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Gucci Celebrates with an Odd Theme for its Paris Fashion So celebrate clothes and celebration abortion; Chime on, fashionistas. For iPhone instructions, see the bottom of this page. If you have an iPhone and want to comment, select the box with the upward arrow at the bottom of your screen;.

Exploring Paris one blog at a time. If that seems an odd name for a western suburb, the legend goes that this area was given . I did a search for that name on Paris en Images and lo and behold, at the very bottom, I saw a photograph by . And in , there was something to celebrate – a French military victory at the.

forming a sort of a litter at the bottom; a plank laid across as a seat, for which our . some nobleman's place in England, celebrated for picturesque beauty; it was just make it look like the sort of town a child brings home in a box from a bazaar, known as the “Odd People” at Avignon, some seventy or eighty years ago.